Aubergine Frying Machine Eggplant Frying Line

  • Support Customization: Yes
  • Brand: Gelgoog
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Payment: T/T, L/C, Trade Assurance, Western Union
Introduction of aubergine frying machine:
The crispy fried eggplant frying machine adopts double-layer mesh belt structure. After frying, the fried eggplant may appear to float. Using a double-layer mesh belt, you can fry the fried eggplant in the oil tank of the fryer, so that all the eggplants are evenly immersed in the oil, so that the product is fully fried even effect.
Eggplant Frying machine
The eggplant fryer also has an automatic slag removal function, which improves the quality of frying, extends the life of edible oil, and reduces the trouble of frequent slag removal.
It can produce continuously, save energy, save labor, and make the quality and color of the product more uniform.
Features of crispy fried eggplant frying machine:
1. The whole process of oil temperature is automatically controlled. The temperature can be set freely from 0 to 300 degrees, which is suitable for frying foods with various technological requirements.
2. It adopts the internationally-designed full-oil process design, which saves cooking oil more than ordinary fryers. Extend the life cycle of edible oil, save 50% of oil consumption, and recover equipment investment in half a year.
3. The advanced mechanical transmission and frequency conversion speed control system make the equipment suitable for frying all kinds of foods (such as tofu, cut meat, meat patties, meatballs, chicken fillet, rice crackers, fish, etc.).
4. One machine is versatile, can be used to fry a variety of foods without oil change, no oil fumes, no odor, time-saving and environmental protection. Compared with ordinary frying machine, the food fried by this machine does not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances.
Eggplant Frying Line:
In addition to the continuous eggplant frying machine, our factory also provides a complete production line for frying eggplant. Greatly shorten the preparation of packaging, suitable for assembly line operations, and improve the degree of enterprise automation. Contains deoiler, cooling equipment, and quick freezing equipment.
Eggplant deoiling and cooling machine: Because the surface temperature of freshly fried eggplant is too high, and there may be a lot of oil on the surface, through the use of an air cooling line, the temperature of the surface of the eggplant can be reduced, and it can also play a role in draining oil. .
Quick-freezing equipment: After the deoiling and air-drying equipment, the surface temperature of the fried eggplant rapidly decreases to the point that it can directly enter the quick-freezing. It is directly connected to the quick-freezing machine and used together.
Technical Data
Model Heating type Power Size(MM) Weight
Oil discharge
GGZLD3500 Electricity delivery:1.5KW
Elevator: 0.75KW
3700*1400*2300 800 200 800L
GGZLD4000 Electricity Delivery:1.5KW
4200*1400*2300 1000 300 950L
GGZLD5000 Electricity delivery:1.5KW
Elevator: 1.5KW
5200*1400*2300 1200 500 1230L
GGZLD6000 Electricity delivery:1.5KW
Elevator: 1.5KW
6200*1400*2300 1400 800 1520L
GGZLD7000 Electricity delivery:2.2KW
Elevator: 1.5KW
7200*1400*2300 1600 900 1810L

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